Torah of Reconciliation

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No doubt about it.

The Torah of Nonviolence

It relates to his philosophy, not to his emotional reactivity. When a person wholly has that belief, he is able to dismiss even the most painful insults against him. The power of genuine faith to instill the awareness that even hurtful circumstances are part of the divine plan is, in my opinion, best described in this passage from the anonymous 13 th century author of Sefer HaChinuch , in his comments on the commandment to desist from revenge:.

He should not be prompted to take revenge against the perpetrator, who is only indirectly the cause of his pain or hurt. We learn this from King David who would not respond to the traitorous curses of his former ally, Shimi ben Gera.

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It is not easy for us lesser believers to emulate Joseph and David, but we would be spared much interpersonal strife if we would at least strive to do so. Another great job done by the…. Join the OU conversation today! Sign up for the Shabbat Shalom newsletter and more!

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  • Learn More. What do you want to change or work on in the year ahead? I have one for you: reconciliation.

    Torah of Reconciliation by Sheldon Lewis

    Human beings hold grudges toward one another. We distance ourselves from family, friends and community because of differences of opinion. Sometimes we react quickly in a situation, forgetting to give the other person the benefit of the doubt that there is something else going on behind the scenes. Yet, it gets in the way of connecting with others, of deepening and being in relationship with one another.

    Torah of Reconciliation by Rabbi Sheldon Lewis

    The first is physical. Then the news burst forth that not only was he still alive but he was their brother, with all the love and devotion that comes from the word vayigash [physically reconciled with his brother].

    Reconciling Christians And Jews

    Once reunited and reconciled, the brothers return home to share the good news with their father Jacob. We bring holiness into the world in many ways:. This page collects sermons, Torah commentary, and other resources related to a particular Torah portion or holiday reading. The difference between a prophet and a sage is where each discovers God working in our lives.


    The prophet fortifies us with the gift of hope. The sage strengthens us with the gift of meaning.

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