The Secret at the Glacier Caves (Lavender Series Book 11)

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Eimverk Distillery offers guided tours of their factory every day at ; with a lot of sampling. I was invited to Eimverk Distillery wit. The Vikings and the Sagas - a fun and educational tour of South-Iceland. I have waited forever for a guided tour dedicated to the Vikings and the Sagas, for those of us who want to get to know more about the Vikings and be guided to the locations in Iceland, where the S.

But did you know that another tour is available; the Hidden Circle? Ghosts, geocaching and geothermal springs. This July I took my daughter for an adventure trip. She's eight years old and we set a few goals for our trip. We'd play chess in a beautiful place, we'd bathe in geothermal pools, we'd discover places we didn't know about and we'd search for a few geocaches. What's geocache? Geocache is a game of sorts. It's a community driven treasure hunt where interested people hide and maintain so called caches in places all around the world.

The idea is that searching for those caches will lead you to pl. Icelandic folklore contains a lot of elf- and troll stories and I have shown you many such locations in my travel-blog. Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland. Once I heard the number I'm not sure about this number but I sure know that they are in.

Guide to Iceland

The Dynamic Plant Lupine. People have been asking me where to find lupines in Iceland. If you like them you should be able to find them easily in Iceland in summer. They are in bloom and visible almost wherever you drive around the country, very often along roads and lakes. Looking at those purple fields sometimes reminds of a beautiful lavender field and the lupines sure make a beautiful and a vibrant scene wherever you go this time of year. In Iceland we mostly have the purple species but lupines come in. From until Secret waterfall on the South Coast.

You don't need to go far from the city to explore and enjoy amazing and beautiful places. Iceland is known for its large number of waterfalls and even if we have countless falls they are all very unique and differ from each other. I love to discover new waterfalls because it's one of my favo. Midnight Sun Season in Kirkjufell. The best time to capture the sunset at Kirkjufell mountain would be from the beginning of july and until the end of august. The scenery can be quite amazing as the sun sets into the ocean. See this article for more information about the Midnight sun in Iceland.

Puffins in Iceland. Did you know that Atlantic puffins spend most of their lives at sea, but return to land to form breeding colonies during spring and summer? Puffins can be seen in Iceland from early April until September each year. The Unpredictable Winter Weather in Iceland. Don't give in even if the weather isn't playing perfectly along. Photographers coming to Iceland are often hoping to capture that perfect scene in perfect light. Those who are here on shorter trips often only dedicate one or two days to photography. Those gloomy days often present the opportunity to get great images for those who dare out!

The weather can be ever cha. Do you also like the smell in the geothermal areas of Iceland?

30 Top-rated Ipoh Attractions you cannot miss - A Life Without Borders

As you know Iceland is known for its geothermal activity. I guess most of us who live here are used to all this but I have the feeling that travelers do not agree with us at least not about liking the smell.

Winter is gone, summer is here! Not necessarily a great image, just a good one. If we put that in to perspectiv. Mighty Mother Nature and her Little Quirks. Because most rainfall is horizontal. Would you say that you always had an entrepreneurial drive? Thank you so much! Yes, I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family and was always driven to create something of my own. What is so wonderful about each Cult Gaia bag is that they have a similar sense of glamour from bygone eras like the 20s and 50s.

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Would you say you are a nostalgic fashion person by nature? Yes, very. I grew up finding hidden treasures in my mother's closet. Every time I went, I found something new. I believe this is where my nostalgic aesthetic was born.


Each Cult Gaia bag is like a work of art. Where do you look to get inspired? Everywhere, especially home goods and nature. A bag should give you joy and ignite those same feelings in the people who see you wearing it. I try to bring this idea to everything we make.

The Ice Cave Beneath the Volcano - Myrdalsjokull glacier, Iceland

The brand has really pushed the envelope on what a modern day handbag can look like and many brands have followed suit. When you first started your brand, did you have an idea that it would be such a game changer in the fashion world? In my eyes, I thought that it absolutely would. It took three years of marketing and persistence to prove that the bag was wearable. No one bought it at first.

How did you move past that initial response and not give up? I kept pivoting and kept on going. I started doing fresh flower crown events to keep us afloat and luckily right when I was about to give up, it took off. Giving up is also not in my DNA. I will try and retry something a million times until I succeed.

Why was this important to you? I want my customer to come back to us, as well as collect our pieces without having to spend a lot of money.

Entombed! The story of the twelve schoolboys trapped deep inside a flooding cave

I feel like you should be able to own beautiful pieces without breaking the bank. Tell us about the inspiration for the spring and summer collections. What lessons have you learned since running your own company? I love my team and it's important to me and the brand's growth that they can thrive and grow here. Cult Gaia in three words… Sexy, architectural and unique. How do you define beauty? Confidence and authenticity. There, they partner directly with artisans, who specialize in traditional crafts like weaving and embroidery, to create jewelry, handbags and clothing.

This close-knit process ensures that they are taking a sustainable and honest approach to manufacturing and in turn that the women and men receive fair wages, business training and can ultimately provide for their families. Born in Argentina, she was somewhat of a nomad moving to points in Mexico and Peru before ultimately settling in Miami. It was her time in the Sacred Valley when she recalls falling in love with both the artisans and their work. Today, she works around the globe including in Mexico for hand-loomed cotton and hand-embroidered pieces, India for printed silks, Peru for shoe-making, Ecuador for hat making and Uruguay for swimwear.

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  • Our hang tags are printed on recycled paper and the bags the garments are packed in are entirely compostable. Founder Lolita Zurita Hannud was first immersed in fashion at a very early age by her mother, Rosana Zurita, an accomplished artist, who has over 40 years of knitting experience under her belt.

    I was always curious to learn and understand their craft—some of them have even become like family to me. It can take up to 20 days to produce a single skirt because the preparation process can include details like manual sewing and molding. As the brand continues to grow and evolve. After a stint abroad in Milan, she says it was inevitable that she would return to her homeland.

    There is a prevailing sense of fun, like the feeling of an endless summer. I consider this the most rewarding personal achievement. Supporting this method in the age of modernization is very vital for us, as we are helping maintain the millenary craft of weaving Toquilla straw, which has continued on for generations. Everything felt like home, between the people and the landscape. She originally went to the country to set up a non-profit that would help marginalized Maasai communities get out of poverty; however, she soon realized that she wanted to do more.

    We work with a variety of men and women who come from different circumstances and backgrounds. First, the pieces, including totes and jewelry, are conceived in the U.