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It is so beautivull and I can harvest lots and lots of beans every days. Will def. Would you recommend this product to a friend? Grew the Purple Teepee Beans for the first time this year and loved them! Tender and delicious right out of the garden.

Austin at the purple teepee

Only disappointment is they turn green when cooking. Extremely easy to grow. The purple beans are easy to spot making harvesting easy and therefore, not breaking your back searching for beans. Great flavor and tender. Our toddler grandchildren love them. They do tend to lodge fall over during wet summers which can reduce late season harvesting, but this normally doesn't bother the early harvest.

We grow these primarily to get beans early before our pole beans start producing.

Dwarf Bean 'Purple Teepee'

If you enjoy a pot of fresh green beans, you will love these. I highly recommend this bean. We have a fairly small garden 5x10 , so we were delighted w this great bean that's very compact, super easy, and a fast maturity. This bush bean is almost also "ornamental" with beautiful dark green leaves and gorgeous light pink flowers.

We found the yield very high every year we've planted it, which is the last 3 years now! The first time we sauteed the the pods in fried bacon and onions, and they were a great taste and very tender!!

I have a friend who I gave several seed to and she let the plants dry out and made an awesome bean side dish! Definitely one we'll plant every year!! I only wish I had more room to plant more of these beans. I have an existing Garden Club number. I want to join The Garden Club. Continue without joining The Garden Club you can join later in your account area if you change your mind.

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French Beans (dwarf) - Purple Teepee - Otter Farm

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How to Cook Purple Pole Beans: Cooking with Kimberly

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