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Sort order. Feb 14, P. The premise of this book is that conventional cancer treatments don't work and alternative treatments do. The author discusses the political and economic reasons why "effective" treatments are unknown to most people, even to most doctors.

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The medical establishment is presented as profit-driven and corrupt. These alternative treatments take many different approaches to cancer.

Some attack tumors with X-ray frequencies, or starve them or inhibit their respiration. Others supply enzymes or fatty ac The premise of this book is that conventional cancer treatments don't work and alternative treatments do.

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Others supply enzymes or fatty acids or vitamins or amino acids. Some are herbal. One stimulates endorphin production. One uses nitrogen to "unmask" tumors. Some detoxify the body and open bile ducts. Some alkalinize the body or boost its immune response. Most involve very complex science, which the author tries to clarify.

But before considering these approaches one should get clear on what a tumor is and isn't. Is it a mortal enemy to be destroyed by any means? Or is it a defense mechanism, a toxic waste depot created by the body to isolate toxins from the bloodstream? If the latter, attacking it would be dangerous and counterproductive.

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The testimonials in this book prove nothing, of course, but there are also detailed explanations about how these therapies are thought to work. You will have to make up your own mind about the plausibility of the explanations.

On pages you will find a very interesting theory of how normal cells become cancer cells. Interesting, but only a theory. This provocative book is well-written, mostly clear and understandable. It provides much food for thought about the nature of cancer, without necessarily resolving or proving anything. Are these alternative treatments effective? Who knows?

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Are they all as non-toxic as they claim to be? I doubt it. Mike Rowe: Well, I wasted a lot of it. Not wasted. So all I knew was most every month started with 30 blank squares staring back at me. And I would have some anxiety. But I knew I had enough time to sit and read, to think, to write, to create or at least maintain the illusion of fitness, to have a life at least the life that I imagined was good for me at the time.

And at the time, it was. But, of course, it was built on a very specific kind of fallacy and a very specific kind of hubris. Mike Rowe: Yeah.

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Do Alternative Cancer Treatments Work

TV, radio, writing. Mike Rowe: You are. I was really enamored of this romantic version of myself, this guy who eats what he kills, who works when he likes, who brings the meat back home, who gets to fly around the world with his magic ticket. And I just was loving it. And I was completely sanguine with that at the time.

That was my metric. Tim Ferriss: So when did that hubris lead to a reckoning? When did Icarus get too close to the sun? Or when did that change, and why did it change? But it happened when my grandfather got sick. He was 92 and built the house. The guy could build a house without a blue print.

The guy could take my watch apart right now blindfolded and put it back together.

He had the chip of knowing, I used to call it. He only went to the seventh grade. But he was a master electrician by the time he was 30, a plumber, a mason, a mechanic, welder, whatever. And I idolized him. And my mother called me to tell me my grandfather was fading. And I hung up thinking, God damn it, I never did anything on television that he would look at and recognize as work.

I mean, he loved me, and he was proud of me and vice versa. But imagine the guy I just described seeing his grandson singing opera, selling things in the middle of the night on QVC, flying around the country doing a bullshit TV show for no reason other than mercenary. And for him, a guy who built things, repaired things, fixed things, I was just from another universe. So I thought before he goes, it would be nice to do something on TV that looked like work. And that really started a conversation with my boss about a segment that was called Somebody has Got to do It.

That segment, ultimately, took place in construction sites and factory floors. It was a hugely important moment because it nearly got me fired. It did get my boss fired.

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He was going to early retirement anyway. But you know Evening Magazine, right? And you get me crawling through a river of shit with a sewer inspector covered in the worse excrement there is with rats and roaches. It was great. And it was horrible. And half the people who called to congratulate me. And the other half called demanding my head, which, of course, is exactly what you want in TV. And that became Dirty Jobs. When you sold those shows to Discovery, were you able to negotiate back the rights, or did you have them in the first place?