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I especially like flipping through it every now and then because it brings a smile to my face, knowing it was given with love. The Llewellyn tarot is so beautiful!

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I purchased myself a full moon reading so I decided to use cosmic-witch planetary tarot spread. Sun - How can I gain self-confidence and courage?

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Ten of Swords, reversed. I can let go of my negative thinking and turn over a new leaf and welcome the positivity. Mercury - How can I expand my mind? Ace of Swords. My mind can roam freely by opening my awareness to a new way of thinking. Venus - How can I gain new friendships or romantic relationships? Than Hanged Man. I can gain friendships by getting out of my rut and actually going out and doing things. Earth - How can I provide stability for my life? Page of Swords, reversed. I can bring more balance to my life by not thinking that everything is a sign.

Moon - How can I meet my current emotional needs? King of Swords, reversed. I can be too assertive and too demanding with my words. I can heal myself by being more caring and compassionate. Mars - How can I be more passionate about my ambitions? I can bring more passion to my goals by providing an equal balance of personal and professional.

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An equal mix can bring me what I seek. Jupiter - How can I improve my financial situation? King of Pentacles. Do what you can to be practical with your earnings. No more self purchases, look towards the long future. Saturn - How can I be more disciplined?

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Queen of Pentacles. Ha I must keep my savings in order. I must really discipline my spending habits to hold a stable foundation. Uranus - What are the boundaries in my life in which I need to free myself from? Queen of Swords. I need to free myself from the painful memories. I still hold wounds in my heart that have kept me bitter all these years. Seller Inventory Book Description Llewellyn Publications, U.

Soft cover. Llewellyn Publications,U. Book Condition: New. Language: English Brand New Book. Llewellyn George s adventurous spirit and Welsh heritage embodies The Llewellyn Tarot , which also celebrates the publisher s enduring legacy. Book Description Llewellyn Publications. Seller Inventory ING Seller Inventory M Book Description Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd, Condition: Brand New.

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Seller Inventory xr Items related to The Llewellyn Tarot. The Llewellyn Tarot. Anna-Marie Ferguson.

Llewellyn Tarot

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Note: Item includes 78 cards and a book. The Amazing, Century-Spanning Tarot The Llewellyn Tarot is a stunning achievement that has already drawn acclaim for its depth and beauty.

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Llewellyn Tarot

Categories: Tarot. The Llewellyn Tarot. Description Over a century ago, a young boy left Wales and journeyed to America, where he started a small press, now known as Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn George's adventurous spirit and Welsh heritage embodies "The Llewellyn Tarot", which also celebrates the publisher's enduring legacy. From the creator of the popular "Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Kit", this lavishly illustrated deck offers universal appeal based on Rider-Waite with a Welsh twist.