The Absent State

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Opinion: The Absent State

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Journal of Latin American Geography. Soy expansion and the absent state: indigenous and peasant livelihood options in eastern Paraguay Mario L. The Syrian refugees confronted the violence.

Mapped: The Absent Ambassadors

Those who have decided that instead of living in native Afghanistan, it is much better to move to Germany, were responsible for the vandalism. And because during the process, unexpected obstacles arose, the vandals decided to pour their anger on what was at hand. We should not forget that vandalism is punishable even in the most tolerant countries.

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And in normal countries, it should be punishable immediately. If the vandals get away with it, then the state simply does not exist.

The Absent State

In other words, the state might exist on paper, but in reality, it is completely absent. The broken water cannon is a symbol of this absence.

The Absent State [Paperback] Neelesh Misra & Rahul Pandita

Of course, the state is absent not just when it should apply the law. It has abdicated the main spheres of Bulgarian reality.

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Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it was forcibly removed. During the last quarter of the century, we were constantly told that the state is something very, very bad and that if we want to live well, we need to meet the state as rarely as possible.