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What actual crimes inspired your book series? The first book is based on U. Senator Charles Percy , whose daughter was killed shortly before his election. The case is still open and under investigation after 50 years. Having it unsolved worked to my advantage. There was a great opening chapter and nothing thereafter.

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I could let my imagination take over. The second book is based on the Cabrini Green sniper.


The mayor moved in, and the shooting stopped. Again, it was the perfect setting for a story about politics and crime.

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The third book is about the Tylenol killings. Chicago provided a lot of story ideas for you … Between that and the jail, I should never run out of material chuckling. How did that come about?

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The publisher asked for another book. Also, I thought the character of Duncan Cochrane deserved some redemption. As a friend says, in noir, the characters are screwed at the beginning and it only gets worse. It will come out at the beginning of I have a lot of work to do. Do you prefer writing short stories or novels? I like them both. They are different art forms. In a novel, the challenging thing is the long form, to have everything fit together over the length of the book.

The ethic in mystery writing is to torture the protagonist. With a short story, you can do things that people would not put up with for pages. I once wrote an 80,word manuscript about a hike on Mt Whitney. I turned it into a 5,word story that was a more compelling read. How long does it take you to write a book? I do a pretty extensive outline before I start the draft. I figure out plots, characters, settings, then I can write a chapter. I usually have half to two-thirds of everything figured out when I start the first draft, but I always end up changing and embellishing as I write.

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