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Fun Fact : Reuben was the oldest son of Jacob and the patriarch of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Fun Fact : Samuel was the last of the judges who ruled Israel, anointing Saul as the first king and David as the second king. Fun Fact: Silas was an early Christian leader who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys. He is a co-author of the letters to the Thessalonians. In the New Testament, it was the name of the leading apostle of Jesus, to whom Jesus gave the name Peter.

As king of Israel, Solomon was known for his wisdom and he is ascribed authorship of the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. Fun Fact : Saint Stephen was Christianity's first martyr. In Acts, he was stoned to death. He doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead and required proof when Jesus appeared. Tradition says that he evangelized in India, where he was martyred. He was martyred at Ephesus. Zachary is the English form. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. More in Pregnancy.

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After ranking at an average of 42nd in the s, it was in the top 10 names — Ada Peak Popularity : Ada was in the top names in the s and then fell out of favor. It had a resurgence in the s and now ranks in the top It dipped in popularity but remains in the top The variation Hannah became very popular in the s, reaching the top 11, but has fallen to the top It has since dropped into the top It has since dropped significantly. It has shot up to 94 in It dropped out of the top 1, by the s. The highest placement in the past 20 years was ninth in It dropped significantly but has been rising in popularity and was at in It hasn't been in the top 1, since the s.

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Joan of Arc Peak Popularity : Joanna reached a peak at in the s. It has since declined to the top It is now barely hanging on in the top 1,, ranking in the to 1, spot for the past 20 years. It dropped steadily until it no longer made the top 1, by the s. Famous Namesakes : Actress Mia Farrow Peak Popularity : Mia has skyrocketed from nowhere in the s to be the sixth most popular name in It has held steady around for the past 80 years.

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Anthony, author Sue Grafton, actress Suzanne Pleshette Peak Popularity : Susanna peaked at in the s and is no longer in the top 1, But the variant Susan ranked third most popular in the s. Dropping out of the top in the s, it fell out of the top 1, as well in It dropped out of the top 1, in It reached in the s but dropped out of the top 1, in Fun Fact : Zipporah was the wife of Moses and the daughter of Jethro. Abram was at in It has hovered around 80 in the s.

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Kennedy Peak Popularity : John was the number one name in It was at number 27 in In recent decades, it was in sixth position in It has since fallen to in Origin : Hebrew Meaning: Who is like God? But can't? I don't buy that for a second. It struck a chord with millions of people in the United States and in the rest of the world, too.

As we've seen, that dream is over. The new American Dream, though, the one that markets around the world are embracing as fast as they can, is this: Be remarkable Be generous Create art Make judgment calls Connect people and ideas. If your organization wanted to replace you with someone far better at your job than you, what would they look for? I think it's unlikely that they'd seek out someone willing to work more hours, or someone with more industry experience, or someone who could score better on a standardized test.

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Someone with passion and energy, capable of seeing things as they are and negotiating multiple priorities as she makes useful decisions without angst. Flexible in the face of change, resilient in the face of confusion. All of these attributes are choices, not talents, and all of them are available to you. As the world moves faster and engagements become more fluid, the category of "not my job" keeps getting bigger and bigger. Amazon had a cataloguing glitch on a Friday.

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Because of an honest mistake, thousands of books with adult homosexual content were banned from their index. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people blogged and tweeted about "censorship" on Amazon's part. It wasn't until the end of Sunday that the company responded.

On the Internet, thirty-six hours is like a month. Why did it take so long? Probably because it was no one's job to monitor the Internet and respond with authority on behalf of Amazon. The bathroom at New York's Museum of Natural History has insufficient wastepaper bins, so the one that's there is always overflowing. It's the janitor's job to empty the can as often as he can, but who has the job of installing a second can? In a factory, doing a job that's not yours is dangerous. Now, if you're a linchpin, doing a job that's not getting done is essential. More Obedience Would your organization be more successful if your employees were more obedient? Or, consider for a second: would you be more successful if your employees were more artistic, motivated, connected, aware, passionate, and genuine?

You can't have both, of course. Would your career advance if you could figure out a way to do an even better job of following your boss's instructions? Or, just maybe, would you be more successful if you were more artistic, motivated, aware, and genuine? That's the choice. Your choice. After all, if you're the linchpin, the company has to treat you better. Pay you fairly. You won't be the first to be shown the door in a slow period; in fact, you'll be the last. Not only do you have security, but you also have confidence.

The confidence to make a difference in your organization and to do work that matters. If you can be human at work not a machine , you'll discover a passion for work you didn't know you had. When work becomes personal, your customers and coworkers are more connected and happier. And that creates even more value. When you're not a cog in a machine, an easily replaceable commodity, you'll get paid what you're worth. Which is more. Secret Memo for Employers You want your employees to be indispensable.

After all, if they're the linchpins, you have to treat them better. Pay them fairly. You won't be able to quickly fire them for any reason, knowing how easy they will be to replace with all those folks lining up at the door. The linchpin represents a threat to the orderly execution of your agenda, because the linchpin is necessary.

The linchpin has power!