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Draw a dark green line about one inch cm from the round edge of the filter. Be sure to save room for a black line next to it.

Proceed to draw a dark black line one inch cm from the other side of the round edge. Do not let the lines touch each other. Make the filter into a cone shape by securing the edge of the paper filter with the paper clip.

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Place water in the saucer. Put the round edge of the filter in the water. Let the filter stay in this position for one hour and then observe the results. Now, explore! Pay close attention to what happens to the dark green line. Record your observations and explain what you think is happening during this experiment. Source: cosi. Materials: Clear glass or medium sized clear jar filled with water to the top Window sill Bright sunlight, White paper, watercolor paints or crayons. Instructions: 1. Fill a glass or clear jar with water to the top.

Glass or jar should stick out over the ledge just a little bit. Place a white piece of paper on the floor in front of the window tape 2 or 3 pieces to form a poster size and obtain a bigger rainbow image. This will greatly depend on how bright the sunlight is and the positioning of the glass jar, so move the jar side to side on the window sill to help the process until you see the rainbow reflected on the paper.

Quickly draw lines to capture the rainbow and children can paint directly on the paper in the floor as the rainbow is reflected there.

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To create an indoor rainbow fill a glass pan with water and place a mirror in the water so that it is leaning against the edge of the pan. Completely darken the room and shine a flashlight on the mirror. Carefully adjust the angle of the light until a rainbow is reflected on a wall or the ceiling. You can then give children with paper and art supplies to copy the order of the colors of the rainbow…. For the best effect, use plants that have similar heights.

Make a giant rainbpw by painting a large sheet of paper with water; Add big arcs of color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Colors and Shapes Activities For Preschoolers

The colors will slowly blend into each other. Remove the wrappers from rainbow-colored crayons: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Have children use the sides of the crayons to draw rainbow arcs on paper. If the weather is good, invite them to make rainbows on a sidewalk with colored chalk. Show children how to draw a rainbow with one stroke. When complete add the cotton clouds and a sun. Using the templates, trace and cut out one rainbow and 2 clouds. Have children decorate both sides of the rainbow with watercolors. Set aside to dry. Glue the clouds to each end of the rainbow.

Glue cotton balls onto the clouds. Attach yarn to the top of the rainbow to hang and display. Cut the center out of a paper plate. Cut long pieces of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple crepe paper streamers; each streamer should be about two to three feet long. Staple a rainbow of streamers onto the paper plate. You may use either pastels or a variation would be to use bright colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

This activity is quick to prepare and set up. Nice and simple, which is one thing that makes it awesome for a quiet-time bin or a busy bag.

Color Activities for Kids

Cut apart and set face down in a pile with a tub of pom poms in rainbow colors next to it. Invite your child to join you in doing some rainbow themed math activities. Invite a player to go first. Draw a card from the pile. Identify the numeral and color. Then, use the jumbo tweezers to collect the same amount of Pom poms in the corresponding color. There are a lot of rainbow themed math activities available for preschoolers. This one encourages fine motor development as the preschoolers use the tongs or tweezers. But even handling the cards required fine motor skills.