New Waves - An Explanation of Brainwave Entrainment

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How each brainwave appears when measured for one second with an electroencephalogram EEG. Which one depends on your mental state, how you feel, and whatever it is that you happen do be doing. It changes constantly. Where exactly you fall in the Beta frequency range depends on how alert and focused you currently are. The important thing to realize is that there is a specific and somewhat predictable brainwave pattern directly associated with every single action you could ever take, as well as every single way you could ever feel. To put it simply — how you feel changes your brainwaves — but amazingly, the opposite is also true.

You can change your mental state, and how you feel, by changing your brainwaves with an external stimulus. Everyone responds to it!

New study reveals how brain waves control working memory

You can entrain your brain to a state of deep meditation, relaxation, or excitement and motivation like right before going to the gym and isochronic tones are quite effective at this. If you regularly listen to isochronic tones, you will train your brain to move into the corresponding state of the pulse immediately upon hearing the tone, as I touched on above. Furthermore, many people feel that the effect in their cognition from a binaural beats session is poor at best, noting that the effect wears off after about 10 minutes when one stops listening.

There are many who feel that most of the effect will be the result of a placebo effect, further conflated by a confirmation bias. At any rate, we are all different and unique individuals, so the important thing is to decide what works for YOU. Some people state that if one finds the buzzing sound of binaural beats to be annoying, then they will be of no benefit.

On the contrary, if you enjoy the experience, they can be very beneficial. I am convinced there is something to them.

The Ancient Benefits of Rhythm & Repetition

Furthermore, some Binaural Beats tracks are very effective for helping me to focus or get pumped up to hit the gym. Therefore, it is really up to you, the captain of your individual experience to decide what tracks work for you.

Harness the Full Power of Your Focus with Brain Music

It is AI-generated music to help you focus, relax, or sleep. It uses neither binaural beats nor Isochronic tones, but the cognitive effect is very noticeable in my opinion. Their AI engine uses 1.

They have over 12 years of research, and over studies conducted to document the efficacy of their technology. It is very high order stuff indeed. Once you decide which state you want to achieve, you need to pick the right mix for the mood you want to entrain yourself to.

Do you want to relax and calm down? Try you alpha mix. If you want to sleep you need your delta mix. If you need to do something that is intellectually challenging, you would listen to a gamma mix.

How brain waves guide memory formation | MIT News

By now you might have poked around on Youtube and want to take it a step further. Neuro Programmer 3 is the hardest hitting software in terms of value for money and complete customization ability. It supports Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones. There are recommended sessions based on your personal situation and goals.

It is great stuff, and although totally different from Neuro Programmer 3 and much less customizable, it certainly warrants further exploration. Both Neuro Programmer 3 and Brain. As there are countless resources becoming available all the time, please share your insights and experiences in the comments section so we can all learn and benefit. I hope I have inspired you to experience the wonderful world of brainwave entrainment for yourself if you have not already done so.

A Deep Dive Into Brainwaves: Brainwave Frequencies Explained

At the very least, you will find it to be an interesting experience. At best, you will become so focused that you will turn yourself into a Guru of Productivity and thank me for years to come!

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  • New study reveals how brain waves control working memory!
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Music is undoubtedly, one of the efficient ways to reach our desired creative and relaxation state. The Brainwave Entertainment sounds pretty new, but seems to have a whole lot to offer.

7 Hours Mega Theta Meditation - Intense Theta brainwave entrainment with all theta binaural beats

Its no more dangerous than listening to songs on earphones. The only thing different is that the right and left channels arent playing the same thing or anything that directly compliments the other, such as a snare drum on the right channel and a keyboard on the left channel. The channels are played in different megahertz, creating a beat effect.

Some programs or tracks will just use tones, others while use white noise or ocean or rain or whatever. By FocusMe Team.

Brainwave entrainment

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