Easy Non-Fiction E-Book Writing: Write Fast, Write Well

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Jun 22, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: general-nonfiction.

Coming Up with Ideas

Well, I guess I already knew how to write an ebook—which is to say, how to write a book. However, if you're looking for a comprehensive guide that provides the answers to all your questions, you may be disappointed, as I was. View 2 comments. Dec 28, Clayton rated it it was amazing. Great Job Steve. Awesome book! Steve really helped me finally get my book published. I'd been kicking around an idea for years and this book helped me put it to paper and get it out in the world.

This is a must read for anyone thinking about writing a book. Get it done! View 1 comment. Jun 04, Mathias Bear rated it really liked it. This book is worth reading for the discussions on research alone.

If you follow Mr. Scott's advice, you will stand a much better chance of writing something that someone might actually read. After all, isn't that the whole point of writing a book in the first place? Jun 19, Pete Nikolai rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. Thousands of writers are cranking out books with little concern for quality and impact.


Discover Everything You Need to Know to Get Published AND Have a Successful Book Launch

Readers have limited time and don't need another mediocre book. Jun 02, Fee rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. There is nothing mind blowing in this book, you could probably think of most steps yourself. But you probably wont and just start writing and forget some important steps. Skimm this book first. Just consider it a checklist.

How to Write 3X Faster - Non-Fiction Book Writing Tips

Oct 30, Sam H rated it it was amazing. A Writers Companion This book will always stay on my kindle as a reference guide. If you want to write an eBook this is an essential. Easy to read and packed with lots of practical advice. Time to get started on my book now. Jul 12, John L. Donelson rated it it was amazing. Short, sweet, and consistent! A great guide to help beginning writers. I am glad I found this series. Looking forward to implementing these steps. Mar 14, Robin M rated it liked it Shelves: advice. I did not learn too many new things, but I did appreciate this little book as a refresher of old knowledge.

Also, it got me writing again, so there you go. Nov 06, wendy rated it it was amazing. Great book I enjoyed this book. I found some really good advice for getting my book written quickly. May 29, Cleber Da cunha rated it it was amazing. Resourceful I gave me a lot of ideas on how to publish my first e-book. Enjoyable reading. Easy to assimilate the ideas.

Oct 18, Thependragon rated it it was amazing. A great book with good ideas I started reading this book because I was trying to find a way to make a little extra money while in college. This book provides a no-nonsense step by step approach to publishing. The advice and plan outlined in this book make sense and it is packed with useful resources and tips. I must read for an aspiring E-publisher. Jul 25, Dale L. Roberts rated it really liked it.

How to Write an Ebook

Admittedly, I've attempted to sit down and read Steve's books, but for one reason or another, never completed the process. My lack of focus could be attributed to Steve's writing style or my waning interest in whatever topic. Steve is a good speaker and his podcasts are far different than his written content. But, that should not dissuade you from reading his books.

Once committed to the process of reading his entire book in one sitting, I found it quite pleasurable, informative and rather easy to finish in under an hour. Without revealing too many of his tips and tricks to cranking out high-quality ebooks, I have to say he gives practical advice with real world examples. The timeline he sets up is precise and doesn't bog me down with too many things in one day.

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If I were to nit-pick one point - tags in a book description. I'm not sure that he is aware he has this advice in his book still, otherwise, I'd think he'd remove this tip. In a recent Authority Self Publishing podcast, Steve clearly stated that keywords are overemphasized and aren't as critical as most self-publishers would have you believe.

So, his statement made me take pause and think why would he have a point to add tags into your book description since it's a blatant tool for keyword optimization. Essentially, tags are clusters of keywords you couldn't slip into your book description. With 50 million Facebook fans and 20 million Twitter followers, she owns her own database of customers, and so selling becomes that much easier; crucially, she no longer relies on conventional PR. Of course, writers can't compete with GaGa's numbers, but the principal plan of action is the same.

Create your own selling platform Amazon, iTunes and the like provide a good platform for independent e-publishers, but let's be clear -- as long as they provide the sole outlet for your ebooks, all the promo work you do drives traffic to their websites, not yours. More importantly, they then own whatever database of customers you create from your sweat. As far as possible today's writers need to own their own customer bases see no.

For the ebook author, this means building your own blog or website and connecting with an independent digital fulfilment house, who will distribute your downloads on your behalf, and give you your database, all for around percent, rather than percent. This route is difficult to set up, but worth it in the end.

It won't replace Amazon or Apple, but it will at least give you some skin in the game.

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Have no social life Make no mistake, self-publishing is seriously time-consuming. On one of Joe Konrath's recent blogs he talked about the fact that promoting his books takes even more of his time than actually writing them. It's a sobering thought. But, after reading this, if you still want to take the plunge and self-publish digitally, be prepared for the long haul, for hard work, but also the joys of being autonomous. Go for it, and good luck. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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