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Nothing turned out the way I had fantasized. Day by day, my dreams fail to materialize. No parties, no lavish trips to exotic places, and worst of all, no love. And one day, I engaged on an innocent task: planting roses for my garden, not imagining I would find love amid the thorns…and that love could come in unusual ways. And even married to an abusive and estranged husband, I make up my mind to find passion and claim it.

Mia Harris

If you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and authors Maya Banks and Sylvia Day, you will love this scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly romantic and unusual love story, which involves three alpha Italian knights who will do anything for their baroness—oops, their Principessa. My rules are restrictive and controlling. They dictate what I do and who I do it with.

They do not allow for a free spirit, bound and determined to get a recording deal in Nashville. A woman actively chasing a public life I turned my back on. And they certainly will not accept the little sister of the man who recently married my ex. Unfortunately, this siren with the voice of an angel, is the only woman I want.

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So I made a deal Fans of erotic romance will delight in its mix of heat and heart. Magic and Mist - Clan Gunn Raine Cantrell 0 2 0 Longevity, continuity, eternity. Last of her line and a trained druid, Meredith cannot afford to let her feelings get in the way of her mission.

She must stop Owain ap Madog before he uses her powers for evil. If only her gift did not forbid her from killing.

Now, the gentle face of Davey of Clan Gunn, the cherished youngest brother of his clan, whom she saved once from dire illness, is the only person her visions have shown her delivering the fatal blow that would end her sorrows. Davey has known Meredith for what feels like his entire life. Born with the power of sight similar to her own, he has seen her face countless times in his dreams. He knows her.

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It was like a dream to have his body against the white flesh of her gently rounded stomach as he lifted her from the hay to the clothes Bradley was getting married and he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. He cursed himself for telling his pig of a brother anything that would give him an opening The bigger one, the one who had been driving, was Red's type.

Round face, round body with extremely generous curves Ulriche Kacey Padraige. Best Sellers. Add to basket failed. Please try again later. Add to wishlist failed. Part one of this stunning trilogy is available for free for the first time! What will happen when his unconventional ploy brings their fantasies together?

Or will they somehow find the courage to follow their hearts?

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Can he break down the walls around his heart… or will he have to let her go…. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Google Echo in Time Echo Trilogy Book 1 by Lindsey Fairleigh: Their love is destined to shatter the boundaries of time… The past clashes with the present in this paranormal saga of ancient prophecies and warring gods. Another tossed back in time like a Victorian freaky-Friday is chased by a man who wants her dead—or worse… Two stories—one beautiful book.

Just friends. Lacey Adams is a tomboy of the highest order. Until life throws her a curveball, and she falls right into the arms of her best friend. But even more dangerous? My roommates. Starting over in a new town is hard, but running from my past left me no choice. Then I met him… He takes my breath away. I know he has the power to destroy me. Now he has to get through the next two months on the road with Dalia and her pin-up curves and smart mouth, then he never has to see her again… right?

Kindle Holding On by Rachael Brownell: A young-adult romance that will remind you what it felt like to fall in love for the first time.

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It is hard enough to be a teenage girl whose best friend is a teenage boy. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? At Darrow Law, money and connections matter, and Kelsey meets the confident, arrogant Tyler Olsen, and the handsome Ryan Perkins, the sons of two billionaires.

Her engagement to Lewis, the son of the Earl of Huntingdon was brazenly canceled and her life spiraled down. All she was left with is her family and writing. Now, she has no option but to try and stand on her own feet again. Will she be able to overcome rejection and find true love again? A dirty talking, kinky alpha. Abundance of steamy moments. Two damaged souls learning to trust. Kaisaes before her have died or gone mad. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane? Book 4: Her Greek Partner.

Book 3: Her Greek Inheritance. Book 2: Her Greek Protector. Book 1: Her Greek Bodyguard. Get this amazing box set for free now.

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  8. Get it now! Two second chances. Three little texts. And nine months of OMG! Former child star, Charlie Klein, heads back home to Texas after struggling in Hollywood and runs into the sheriff of their small town — the boy she loved and lost and never stopped loving. But can this passionate fling become something lasting? And will Sophie give in or stick to her wits? Do the terrorists know more than Mick thinks they do? Each of the books stands alone but connects the characters as they heal hurts and find love. Small-town waitress Kymberly Sommers is faced with that very question.

    Mike Knightson is the perfect guy — gorgeous, charming, knows how to handle a woman — but will it be enough?

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    Find out in this steamy and provocative Shifter Romance. A man afraid of nothing. A plan as old as time. Until… A woman falling in love. A man already there.

    The Koda Alphas are willing to go to any lengths to prove that a walk on the wild side makes for the perfect romance of all. Kindle Eagle Eye Security by Camilla Blake: What starts out as a light security job for Kincaid turns explosive as a young bartender named Mindy becomes the target of both a car bomb and a personalized, at home booby trap. An emotionally gripping romance set in Philadelphia and Kentucky! When Daniel discovers the truth of his parentage, he abandons Philadelphia for the frontier.

    But will his search for his true father get in the way of his budding love for beautiful Ann? I thought by running I would be safe.

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    Instead, the monster hunts me.