Cultures of Globalization: Coherence, Hybridity, Contestation (Rethinking Globalizations)

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Global Economy Contested Alternative Globalizations Rethinking Insecurity, War and Vio- An integrative approach to studying dis- lence sident knowledge in the global justice Beyond savage globalization? Hamed Hosseini Paul James Global Restructuring, Labour and the Berger Ingemar Lindberg The Social Economy Uluorta and globalizing rescue industries Edited by Paul Amar Curran, April Linton, Steger and Clair Globalization and Crisis Gills William R.

From Trafficking to Terror: Constructing a Global Social Problem

Thompson and Rafael Reuveny Globalisation, Knowledge and Labour Nicola J. Smith Education for solidarity within spaces of resistance Situating Global Resistance A History of World Order and Resis- Drainville Agathangelou and Nevzat Soguk Land Grabbing and Global Govern- Ingemar Lindberg The Publisher requests to those authors who may be citing this book to state, also, the bibliographical details of the special issue on which the book was based.

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Contents Citation Information ix 1. Grovogui 17 4. Making Anew an Arab Regional Order?

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Agathangelou 31 6. A Provocation Nevzat Soguk 45 7. Farideh Farhi 67 Revolutionary Humor Iman Mersal Grovogui Globalizations, volume 8, issue 5 October pp. Agathangelou Globalizations, volume 8, issue 5 October pp. Farideh Farhi Globalizations, volume 8, issue 5 October pp. Arab revolutionaries have shown that it is possible to organize non- hierarchically and effect change without engendering authoritarianism. All this might yet be a new beginning. This forum opens up space to continue the conversation about what has become a powerful, unstoppable force in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, and Yemen.

The Middle East and North Africa, as we have known is no more. At the time of writing, in Egypt and Tunisia, the initial uprisings have ushered in transitional processes, including constitutional reforms heralding greater participatory politics. Various pol- itical groups, ranging from the secular to neoliberal to Islamist are vying for political promi- nence, if not for dominance. In Yemen, the struggle for power has spiraled into a protracted war of attrition with no end in sight.

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Bahrain has managed to suppress the popular uprisings using its geo-strategic importance to enlist both Arab i. Saudi Arabia and US support. In Syria, months of relentless repression by the Assad regime have failed to stem the tide.

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In fact, the writing was on the wall for Syria, either to capitulate on demands for vast changes to the political system or to shift its global power in the region altogether. A consummate salesman of eclectic ideas in the Arab world and Africa, including some form of African unity, he was seen by some as working to attract capital to Libya, especially in the energy sector and to build up loyalties by distributing resources into the African continent.

While the changes are not yet consolidated, multiple transforma- tive forces with rich, normative orientations have been unleashed. They pushed us to engage the trans- formations of physical and political landscapes, including our systems of understanding and articulating global politics. Several authors point to the major political force comprised of living bodies who challenge us to understand and participate in politics anew. The energy of the Egyptians is amazing. This collective energy is the political force behind global transformation and affects how we theorize and chant revolutions.

But everything that has transpired, and more importantly, the speed at which it has transpired, has shattered the familiar presumption that only a Western European or a North American is the authentic agent of direct i.

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Speeches by major leaders of the world, including Barak Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Hilary Clinton have listed the reasons for the protests. Those with critical radical visions disagree, explaining the uprisings as being against systemic global economic policies that result in the exploitation of the majority of people in the world. Still others, enamored by the visual allure of the internet age, contort these struggles and tri- vialize their actions by arguing that they are Facebook revolutions or Twitter uprisings as if the use of such technology makes the revolution.

They forget that geography in the sense of both inhabiting it and being inhabited by it cannot be tweeted or emailed. Reporting from:. Your name. Your email. Send Cancel. Check system status.

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