Chapter 14, Vacuum Systems

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Introduction Section 1 Chapter 1. What Is a Vacuum? Products Using Vacuum Deposited Coatings 2.

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Pressure Measurement 3. Pumping 4. Process Diagnostics and Coating Characteristics 5. Leaks, Water Vapor, and Leak Testing 6. Adhesion and Adhesion Tests 9.

Surface Treatment of Webs and Foils Polymer Coating Basic Information Nucleation, Coalescence, and Film Growth Pattern Metallization Electron Beam E-Beam Evaporation Thermal Evaporation Magnetron Sputtering Source Design and Operation Magnetron Sputtering Source Design Options Reactive Sputter Deposition — Setup and Control Process Variables Mechanical Design Winding Webs in Vacuum Machine-Building Trends System Design Hazards Troubleshooting Final Thoughts Index.

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Physics of Gas Part 1. Introduction to Properties of Gases Part 2.

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Gaseous Flow through Leaks Part 3. Effects on Leak Testing Chapter 4.

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Calibrated Reference Leaks Part 1. Calibrated Reference Leaks Part 2. Calibration of Standard Reference Leaks Chapter 5. Pressure and Flow Measurement Part 1. Pressure Instrumentation and Analysis Part 2. Leak Testing of Vacuum Systems Part 1. Nature of Vacuum Part 2. Vacuum Systems and Components Part 3. Materials for Vacuum Systems Part 4. Vacuum Maintenance and Troubleshooting Part 5.

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Measuring Pressure in Vacuum Systems Part 6. Bubble Testing Techniques Part 1. Procedures and Applications of Bubble Testing Chapter 8. Tracer Probe with Evacuated Objects Part 3. Hood Technique for Evacuated Objects Part 4. Accumulation Technique for Evacuated Objects Part 5. Accumulation Technique for Pressurized Objects Chapter 9.

Mass Spectrometry for Leak Testing Part 1. Halogen Leak Test Setup Part 3. Acoustic Leak Testing Part 1. Principles of Acoustic Leak Testing Part 2. Instrumentation for Handheld Leak Detectors Part 5. Pressurized Systems Part 6.

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Evacuated Systems Part 7. Other Applications Chapter Thermographic Leak Testing Part 1. Thermography for Passive Monitoring of Leakage Part 3.

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Leak Testing of Hermetic Seals Part 1.