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Enter the approximate length and width of the area you will be planting and click 'Calculate' to determine how many Heliopsis helianthoides var. Our general spacing recommendation will be shown below, but correct and successful spacing is complex and depends on project conditions. A frequent show-stopper during our garden tours, this plant's dynamic yellow-orange flowers are offset by its deep purple foliage. As attractive to butterflies and bees as it is to people, we've found this plant really deserves a place in a beautiful border, a cutting garden, or in massed swathes.

Plant begins blooming in its first year and blooms from June to mid-October. Heliopsis helianthoides , commonly called ox eye, is an upright, clump-forming, nearly glabrous, sunflower-like, short-lived perennial that is native to eastern and central North America. Flowers bloom throughout summer atop stiff stems clad with ovate, toothed leaves to 6" long. Plant tolerates a wide range of soil types and conditions including infertile soil and some periods of drought.

Plants will need watering during prolonged periods of drought. Plant can take light shade but does best in full sun. Customer Login. Last weekend Dad passed the baton of being the present of Rotary. He took that opportunity to honor Mom.

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We have seen this companionship with Christ in other ways. Before going to Mexico, other missionaries have shared that when returning home to the US, it is not unusual to feel guilty for how much we have in our country. Reentry can include strong feelings of disgust for tendencies in the US culture towards materialism, consumerism, and utilitarianism. Missionaries have experienced anger with how much perfectly good food is wasted because of health laws, or ashamed at the size of houses that we have in the U.

Overall I am overwhelmed by love and generosity of family, friends, the parish, and community. So many meals have been given. So many projects around the house completed. S o many offers to help watch the kids while we take Dad to appointments. So many calls to the house to sit and visit with Dad. Is there a project that I can do?

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There are probably a thousands things that need or could be done, but they escape my mind at that moment. How is your family? In all these situations I am reminded of a situation that happened in Louisiana while on missions. FMC became aware of an older gentleman with some physical set backs in need of a ramp to his house. One of the missionaries stopped by to visit and to offer to buy and construct the ramp for him.

When he arrived the gentleman was on the porch with some of his buddies. As soon as the missionary asked about the ramp, the gentleman smiled. I told you my God is faithful! In our smiles and hugs, God is smiling upon them and is holding them in an embrace. Christ never said that He would take away suffering. In fact He promised the opposite. And He gave our suffering meaning and made it redemptive.

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Christ can use our crosses to show His love to others, to draw others to Him, to inspire others. Several people have commented on how Dad's faith and trust in God, even in these hard times, have led them to seek God and return to prayer and church. It is the paradox of the witness of the cross. It reminds me of second century Christian author, Tertullian, who wrote, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

So we pray for miracles, aware that sometimes the greatest miracle is the one where we find Christ with us in the crosses of life. That God's love knows no bounds and that from time to time we can see it. Ignatius of Loyola shares that one should not prefer riches over poverty, health over sickness, a long life over a short one. That all these things can glorify God, and we should should desire whatever glorifies Him and whatever shares and gives witness to His love. These past couple months have given us time to reflect over our time in missions especially the couple months that we had in Allende with the Garzas and Schmidts.

We thought we would be there for a year or more. We had ministry goals and objectives.

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But God had us there for others reasons, which looking back in hindsight we can see why we were there when we were there. God was able to use us to bridge the gap between two amazing missionary families and a language barrier, and in so doing help form a new missionary community in Northern Mexico. God invited us to journey with the Garzas through a transitional period in some of their ministries and, through the generosity of benefactors, Tonio was able to spend a month at language school with us in Guadalajara.

So where are we going from here?

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God seems to be calling us to remain in the Buffalo area for the foreseeable future. We feel that God is calling us to be close to family and we are prayerfully discerning which ministries and careers God may be calling us to next. In prayer we have a sense that whatever God is calling us to next, our past two years were necessary to get us ready for the next chapter.

Regardless we still desire to keep the relationships with our dear friends and partners in missions. Full-time missions may not be possible, but we intend to keep strong relationship with FMC and will continue to work with them. In fact as I am writing this Maria and Rebekah are on their way back from leading a week long mission trip in Allende. Look forward to learning more in a future blog.

In the meantime here are some photos from their time back in Mexico. Here is this blog's music video.

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It seems appropriate. Saturday, February 24, When Receiving is a Blessing. As missionaries, we feel often inadequate in ministry situations.

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  • Especially when there is a language barrier. Sometimes we don't have the words to say, we don't understand the details of the particular situation and we feel that we are fumbling through the moment. We pray that people are sincere when they say, "thank you" and "that really helped.

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    • The experience of wishing we could do more often follows as we are faced with our own limitations. Others affirm us and reiterate that God is using us, but we doubt. Being the minister and giver can blind us from God's grace in the moment. Nieces and nephews visiting Dad Until we have the opportunity to sit in the other chair. When the tables are turn, we become the receiver, the one who is comforted rather than the one who is comforting.

      A couple days after arriving in Allende on January 26, we learned that my Dad, John, was in the hospital. During Christmas he had slowed down.


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      Considering his recovery from his broken back about a year ago and the cold Western New York weather, we thought that this may turnout to be the new normal. However shortly after heading back into missions, Dad began to lose sensation and mobility in his legs and he quickly declined. Following an alarming morning and a visit to the ER, doctors found a tumor on his spine at top of his surgery from last winter.

      Several tests later and after surgery to remove the compression around the spine, it was revealed that Dad has metastasized prostate cancer CRPC to be specific. What does this mean for Dad and Mom?