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Immediate and durable tightening effect resulting in smoothness and radiance of the skin. A high molecular weight protein hydrolysate with exceptional film-forming properties Prolevis envelops the skin instantly smoothing visible surface Age spots are hyperpigmented blemishes that appear on sun-exposed areas like the face, shoulders and hands because of the over-stimulation of melanocyte and their environment, related to a micro inflammatory state.

Directly inhibiting the melanin production or neutralising the inflammation can constitute efficient approaches to fight against the appearance of hyperpigmented spots. Restores the epidermis integrity, stimulates collagen synthesis and counteracts the melanogenesis and the oxidative stress from UV and pollution.

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Symbol of perfect beauty, Phytessence White Peony acts on the uniformity of skin colour by correcting excessive redness and attenuating ageing spots. Hormonal variations with age inflict a tremendous change to the skin physiology and can generate a deficiency in essential elements that lead to the accelerated appearance of ageing signs like intense dehydration, skin thinning and creased surface. The algae that protects the skin's youthfulness by inhibiting the hyaluronidase activity.

Phytessence Kudzu guards against the breakdown of collagen and elastin, maintaining cell dynamism and the youthfulness of the skin. Excellent skin smoothing and skin repair properties for dry skin creams baby oils and barrier creams Imparts excellent gloss benefits in lipsticks Exceptionally pure grade of medical lanolin Confers intensive skin repair benefits Designed for the treatment of dry skin conditions as well as About cookies on this site By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

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You can find out more details in our Privacy policy. Personal Care. Menu Personal Care. Product Finder. Home Products and Applications Skin Care Ageing Beautifully Ageing Beautifully With an ageing population around the globe, the demand for anti-ageing skin care products is not decreasing.

Anti-ageing products have shifted to not only target wrinkles and fine lines but also to target issues such as dry skin, skin firmness, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation and under-eye dark circles. Nevertheless, wrinkles are still the number one concern among the ageing signs after 25 years old, as being the first noticeable sign.

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See all our offers for ageing skin. See all our offers for ageing skin View here. Formulations for ageing skin. Formulations for ageing skin Read more.

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Really, we might keep it stronger, Elated, rather than so tilted or feeble!! The beauty of twilight is that it enhances everything. Personal change requires the courage to let go of personal security and venture into a new worlds. I look forward exploring personal thoughts and behaviors, and probing community customs and rituals.

I hope to meet new people, expand knowledge of the world, eclipse my egoistical way of living, and devolve a lifestyle that in is synch with the natural rhythmic flow of that governs all lifeforms that inhabit this crusty rock and the watery world of rivers, seas, and oceans.

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Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls. What do you want to do? At 97, I gotta find ways to keep moving! Every day he hops onto our stationary bike that we left sitting on the back porch. He says it helps his balance. He times himself to ensure he rides it ten minutes a day.

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I bring him a glass of cool water to keep him hydrated. He refuses the water. You're about a hundred and I'm a broken-up old crock. Jagadeesh Kumar. Bucchianeri, Vocation of a Gadfly. I don't mean time to live; I mean free time.

Time to fill. Time to kill until time kills me. I walk and walk and think and think. An independent thinker does not capitulate to societal pressures or other forms of coercion. I look forward to developing the bark of a rough man, the weathered, tough-skinned covertures that men take on only when they stand straight into the wind.

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I shall guard against disappointment, rebuff domination by cruel men, and repudiate the easy. I must steadfastly decline capitulating to the demands of power mongers by curing their favor at the cost of surrendering my inbreed essence. I resolve to battle any wicked person whom attempts to intimate me, maintain personal convictions, and honor my heritage.

I need to summon the audacity to go against the grain, eschew shortcuts, and to work from intuition of a person who knows that logic is only half of the equation for true success. In order to live life through both the heart and the mind, I resolve to accept my unusual nature and embrace living spontaneously without shame, remorse, or regret. He saw that fate coming, and he was already planning to get over it.

There is an art to aging gracefully which I had yet to master. I had never expected to live past thirty. I felt like the Tin Man: oil.

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