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How eastern medical approaches can complement what your western medical doctors are doing for your health?

Acupuncture Studies

Join Dr. Vidisha Patel as she interviews Dr.

Some gallbladder-like pain demystified: three cases.

Caryn Young, acupuncture physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine as they discuss this and more. Tune in to Perspectives with Dr. Vidisha Patel and engage in discussions on topics related to managing emotions for a healthy lifestyle. You will come away with new perspectives and techniques to consider for yourself or your loved ones.

Chinese Medicine Demystified Part 1

Patel believes that by being in conversation with others we can continue to grow and learn throughout our lives. Challenges are stepping stones to growth and expansion. Perspectives with Dr. She is also licensed to teach stress management tools as a HeartMath Coach. Patel helps people of all ages understand their emotional responses and improve their relationship skills.

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Patel brings a rich experience of business and education to her current field of work. She has worked in finance in the US and overseas, having completed an MBA in finance and international business before pursuing a doctoral degree in counseling.

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As an immigrant from India who has traveled and lived all over the world, Dr. This becomes something that they take home with them and reaches much further than the warm and cozy treatment table. Clients start recognizing subtle changes in themselves as they become more aware of their own bodies than they ever have before. In my discussions with clients, friends, and family on the topics of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture it sometimes escapes me that my core terminology is not that common to my audience. The polite smiles and slightly confused looks escape me as I get excited about their treatment and how all of their symptoms are so clearly signs of Rebellious Qi!!! It occurred to me that in order to have my clients, potential clients, friends, and family follow me and to be able to keep up with my level of excitement about TCM, perhaps a tutorial on some of the most common terms would be beneficial.

I have divided this into four bite-size TCM nuggets of knowledge, so as not to be too overwhelming. The terms that I have chosen are used frequently and I have tried to explain as best I can without sounding exactly like an acupuncture text book.


Yin and Yang, together they form the symbol called taijitu , which has now become very well-known, even here in the West. The different areas in the circle accentuate the importance of their relationship as a whole and articulate the dynamic ebb and flow between opposites. As shown in the symbol, both Yin and Yang are deeply rooted in each other and always contain a piece of the other.

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  • There is no light without dark, no up without down, and no man without woman. Ying and Yang reflect the natural world, as in the flow between high tide and low tide or between day and night. In Chinese Medicine, yin and yang offer one of the most important building blocks for understanding health and disease.

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